first iteration on the "slim chair" from (not-so-open-anymore) ...

I need to 'slim' it down more and invert some of of the support logic to be consistent with my reference idea ... but it's a good start: I already know how awfull it is ;)

(you can find the opendesk open designs on some git from ppl of maslowcnc : )

@Olm_e what do you mean not so open any more? I heard of these guys a few years ago and always considered making one of their patterns...I found it hilariously overpriced for how much they estimate builds would cost, out of plywood:(

@LPS they have "temporarely" closed the download of models from their site for "reorganisation" or something ... and they closed the registration as maker on their service system for other places than major cities
so not really open anymore
and yes, the prices showed are pretty high in my opinion too

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