haha ... Linux Desktop apps in add-on by is pretty cool !
I will have to try it a bit to find a real use, and how to gain from that mode when doing VR or 3D work, but at least it's fun and usable and "it works !"(tm) here with not much trouble to install on SteamVR Vive

Ok now I know : Blender and gimp and the terminal together inside a blender scene being worked out in VR .... OxO .... Ŵ^W .... X°X ... ^·^ ...

(with BlenderXR build from february ... )

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I'm convinced ! this Desktop apps in VR system is very usefull for development and even some basic inter app control sheme ...
f.ex. you can have you app running while having the remote dev view inside of it !
or in my case, I have an app with a control screen outside of the headset for a "master" control of the sim, that I can now see inside of it for testing ... ! or using OpenStageControll as a master for some tweaks

combine with the video pass through and it's so fun ;p

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also it's actually interresting how it's directly hooking into the windowing system, linking the focus of the VR pointer both in the headset and 2D screen. and how when pointing the "void" you can actually use the pointer as normal with the mouse... neat work that feels natural evolution and not gadget applied !

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