This is a great #solarpunk magazine about a low-tech perspective on the Internet; this article explores how Freifunk everywhere would look like, and would make 4G obsolete:

@b3yond we had contact in Brussels with the politics when the 4G was deployed, explaining them that exactly ... we where one of the first to deploy such mesh network ...
of course, it was not taken seriously, as the lobbyists where doubling down, pushing to lower emission standards and pretending the city would suffer economicaly if 4G was not there... so they did'nt listen, installed bad public wifi and 4G antenna all around with bad connections ... and our mesh network dismantled slowly :/

@Olm_e argh... I always think that such solutions would be normal under socialism... well, in Cuba it's pretty much what they did^^


@b3yond I think the situation in cuba is/was very different, even totaly opposite, and the "network" there is not such a pervasive one that could be done with mesh network with the support of public authorities and big providers... as there also, it is not an officially supported system, even probably quite trying to stay under the radar and unregulated, but then also unreliable and very fragile (ask @xuv that seen both and others) and in Cuba the goal is to actually have some network at all

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