We've been running #Mastodon for a bit more than a year. Recently the service went down and we spent the last 5 days without it. Now we're considering removing the service. The constant feed of random news brings stress, but does it serve anything? Discuss the future of ps.s10y.eu/ on our Discourse:



@ps would be sad to shut down imho, maybe look at ways to filter/multi account if it bring stress, but to be in contact with this medium is a pleasure from my side ;)

@Olm_e @ps Really my feeling right now is that this thing takes to much time out from me, its like a shower of info that immediatly goes to the drain leaving space for the next round.
As times to come promise to be difficult, if I use digital and online tools, they need to help me structure information and get organize. If its not the case I prefer spending my time with people I love.
Mastodon to me is draining.

@natacha @Olm_e @ps I personally don't feel at all like "shower of info" on Mastodon, maybe it's because I use rss feeds for info so I avoid all the "news" accounts here and/or I don't force myself to open info links here. Here is social interaction place, not primarily info (but I'm on an instance that pays attention to that and it's mostly respected)

@vanecx @Olm_e @ps yep I get what you say, its probably because to me social is face to face, not behind a computer, I never had facebook, not even tweeter account, I thought it was because I hate corporations, but now I realise that the idea of social behind a computer is toxic per se. I feel that the time I spend typing needs to be about infomation and organisation, the social time is out of keyboard for me.

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