I'm afraid that #solarpunk is too western, white and focused on fiction to make a change. People prefer fetishizing #burningman aesthetics to noticing the real changemakers around the world.

Have you heard about globalinnovationgathering.org ? Its a network of hackers from Africa, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. They do things some solarpunk writers only imagine, but there is little interest in that in the West.

Why not start #SolarpunkReporting ?

@alxd Oh, was #solarpunk even supposed to make a change? I thought it was just yet another fashionable *“punk” science-fiction literary subgenre/theme. 🤔


Every fiction gives you a lens, a new perspective to look at the world. One of the reasons we have problems with #surveilance and corporate monopolies is that #cyberpunk aesthetic normalised them and made people used to this future.

The idea for #solarpunk is to subvert that and give an alternative, a future neither dystopian nor awaiting an apocalypse.

There are some awesome activiats and anarchists inspired by these stories.


my take is more that is inspired by people doing things around the world at yet small and prospective level and project it in the imaginary, to have that vision we need and that we actually don't have much; being for hacktivists or the general public.

and yes it can follow the same idea that "the future is here, just not widely distributed" from Gibson ;)

also I think François Schuiten is close to some visual ideas of it... www.vegetalcity.net


@Olm_e @arcans I would gladly support Solarpunk-as-an-inspiration if not for the side effects:

When we start dreaming up a new world without researching this one and what is already there, our fiction alienates. Solarpunk visuals and values rely heavily on the US and the Western culture, and is only lightly _inspired_ by others.

How different world would we conjure if we actually spoke to the people living Solarpunk lives and values today?

That's why we need to start with #SolarpunkReporting

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