💻🧰🐧 : Little command to change working directory, as traditional command, but with a NAME instead a directory, from a list of association NAME: DIRECTORY.

By example, if configuration file contents this line: git ~/data/git

$ gocd git
is equivalent to run
$ cd ~/data/git; ls

$ gocd git archives/library/assertopencl/
is equivalent to run
$ cd ~/data/git/archives/library/assertopencl/; ls

Both arguments are autocompleted.


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So the idea is to have an alternative of cd command with some usual shortcuts.

More explanations about installation, use and examples, available on the Bitbucket repository.

P.-S.: This is the same command that I shared 2 weeks ago. I just renamed the command from go to gocd to avoid name conflict with the go compiler.

I added -n and -q options.

-n just print target directory, without change working directory.
-q quiet, don't run ls at the end.

$ gocd -nq ParSigmaOdd progs/
just print (even if this path doesn't exist) $HOME/data/git/current/parallel-sigma_odd-problem/progs/
$ cat $(gocd -nq ParSigmaOdd
is equivalent to run
$ cat $HOME/data/git/current/parallel-sigma_odd-problem/

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