"Kishōtenketsu also connects very nicely to Ursula K Le Guin’s “Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction,” which posits that the first tools were not the bow and arrow, but instead the net and sling. We began as gatherers more than hunters and the quieter, seemingly gentler type of story was the tale of the day."
(or rather:)

"I’ve found myself drawn to write more of this type of tale, meditative and simple where “nothing much happens” but we gain a deep sense of place and people. It has basically given me permission to write from what my heart tells me rather than some perception of what a story structure is “supposed to” look like."

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"Combining Kishōtenketsu with Iyashikei opens a world of gentle storytelling that can provide true comfort to myself as the writer as well as to any potential readers. I feel a bit like I’ve discovered a new mountain and come home all at the same time. That freedom is powerful and makes me want to write even more, a feeling that is never in great supply."

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