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@wxl I have bells disabled everywhere but maybe you can try adding « {{"\a"}} »

@wxl Right, I guess the visibility should always be displayed because after all there's no reason to display it only for a specific visibility. I'll fix that.

Oh... wow: bit.ly/2tOH0aG

"Sweden’s Transport Agency moved all of its data to “the cloud”, apparently unaware that there is no cloud, only somebody else’s computer. In doing so, it exposed and leaked every conceivable top secret database: fighter pilots, SEAL team operators, police suspects, people under witness relocation. Names, photos, and home addresses: the list is just getting started. "

@wxl oh? I'm pretty sure I tested and it worked for me but I probably have missed something then... I'll look into it, thanks for the troubleshooting!

@wxl Thanks, I'll have a look! (Using i3 currently...)

somewhat out of necessity i've put my #madonctl #bash scripts on github. nothing fancy, but they do the trick.

special thanks to @McKael for creating the best #cli Mastodon client and also for being so damn responsive.


@wxl It should display "Private: true"

@wxl Uh. I probably don't have as many notifs as you have, but it's much faster here:

% time madonctl accounts notifications --list --all --template "{{println .id}}"| wc -l
0.21s user 0.01s system 2% cpu 10.690 total

And ~ 1.6s for 30 notifications (-l30).

@wxl Maybe try with --limit 30 (according to the documentation 30 is the maximum number of notifications that can be returned in one call, so in should use only one query)?

@wxl How many mentions would you get without the filter?

I think if you want more, you can increase the --limit and madonctl will fetch more notifications.

For example, if you want ALL mentions you should get them with
accounts notifications --all --notification-types mentions

@wxl It would make it unlisted indeed... I would expect it to be the common expected behavior (and I think it's what the web UI does)...

@wxl So I guess if you want to get the ID something like this might work:
madonctl search "$URL" --template '{{with index .statuses 0}}{{printf "%.0f" .id}}{{end}}'

@wxl I think that's what the search API is supposed to do:
madonctl search "mamot.fr/@McKael/3085413"
madonctl search "soc.ialis.me/users/wxl/updates"
both work for me.

@wxl I've added a '--same-visibility' flag which should use the same visibility setting as the message you reply to.
If the message was "public", it should be demoted to "unlisted" unless the visibility is explicitly set on the command line.

@wxl In order to try to address this --limit issue, I have added another flag "--keep N" which keeps/limits the number of output items after filters have been applied.

IOW, "limit" is used at the API level and "keep" is used at the very end.
Hopefully it solves most use cases.

@wxl I've added the flag to the stream command, thanks again!

@wxl You mean stream with --notifications-only, right?

@wxl Ah, yes. OK, will add this as well!

@wxl I've added --notification-types... Please let me know if it works as expected!

Also, note that unfortunately the filter is applied /after/ the limits. So "--list --notification-types=retoot --limit=1" might return nothing
(because the limits are applied at the API call time and the filters are used afterwards).

@wxl That's not annoying, feel free to share ideas :)

I'll try and add the --notification-types flag as suggested, it sounds like a good idea!

(The advantage of creating an issue is that it will not be forgotten and it can be tracked, but discussing it here first can be fine as well...)