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\@McKael accounts follow seems to be a toggle but i can't get it to unfollow someone. what am i missing?

Mikael Berthe @McKael

@wxl --unset Unfollow the account

`madonctl accounts follow --unset --account-id N` ?

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@McKael ah i didn't see the mention of --unset. i sort of saw the hint to it in the code but the help wasn't helping :)

@wxl ... It's in the help though...

% madonctl accounts follow --help
Follow or unfollow the account

madonctl accounts follow [flags]

-r, --remote string Follow remote account (user@domain)
--unset Unfollow the account

@wxl I'll add an example to the help output maybe.

@McKael i admit the help in madonctl accounts just says follow is used to follow or unfollow an account, which suggested to me it acts as a toggle. maybe that's where my confusion lied.

@wxl I first thought
madonctl COMMAND [--unset]
(with account follow, status boost/favourite...)
... was a good way to factorize commands.

Then I realized madonctl un-COMMAND (unfollow, unboost...) was much more user-friendly but I was lazy to change it afterwards. It's in my TODO though, to be honest. :)

@McKael yeah that's sort of what i've landed on for my own scripts intuitively so i think you're definitely on to something!