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@McKael using stream, I'm getting "Error: websocket: bad handshake" on one of my machines but not the other. Same commit, same go version. Non-stream commands work fine. Ideas?

@McKael now i'm getting this problem at my other machine. had it running overnight and while that was happening, no issues. but i interrupted the process and now it's happening here. i dare not stop my `madonctl stream`.

@wxl I've had this once and I'm pretty sure it was a server issue, it was working from an IP and not from another or something like that. It came back when they restarted the service for an upgrade.

Can't say if it's a similar issue though :/

Mikael Berthe @McKael

@wxl Does it work if you open a new stream from your current machine? (The one where it still works...)

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@McKael no that's the weirdest thing!!! i still have a stream going but a new stream will not work.

@wxl :/
I'm afraid I have no clue.

Your server is running Mastodon 1.4.7; I tried with mastodon.social whichis running 1.4.7 as well and it works here. Seems to work for me with 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 so I doubt it's related to the server version.

@McKael sheesh maybe i should get a new token? or try an handcrafted API call?

@wxl Nope, the token should be unrelated and the streaming use websockets so I'm not sure it's easy to check it manually. I'd check with a browser first...

@McKael Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://soc.ialis.me/api/v1/streaming
do what do i do with that?

@wxl That might be your problem... Maybe check with the instance admin?

Here Firefox can connect but it displays a 0 byte response (I'm pretty sure it works though).

The Chromium/Chrome console displays websocket contents correctly here.

@wxl YW... Let me know!

Going to bed, bye for now :)

@McKael turns out the issue was nodejs. the process was frozen. nothing in the logs. restarting fixed it all up. just in case you see something similar again.