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@wxl you're replying to DMs in public btw

@href unfortunately, i tend to do that. i make my default toot visibility public in madonctl, but then it doesn't automagically reply to direct messages as direct. in fact, it doesn't even totally make it clear when they are direct. thoughts, @McKael ?

@wxl The way it currently works:
- if you don't set a default visibility, the server decides (I don't know if it treats replies in a special way);
- if you set a default visibility value it will be used for replies as well.

Maybe there should be a flag to use the same value as the message you're replying to... That would require an extra API call but if you use --add-mentions you already have this additional call.

Let me know if you think it's worth adding!


@McKael @href yeah i think that's a great idea. also, it might be a good idea to tweak the default theme to at least show when things are DMs.

@wxl I've updated the default themes (and the plain output) to display when a message has a "private" visibility.

Thanks for the suggestion!

@McKael oh, that doesn't show up for notifications, though, does it?

Mikael Berthe @McKael

@wxl You're right, I forgot it. I've just fixed it!

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@McKael it doesn't seem that the new templates are showing me anything different for private messages. i am using ansi-dark, fwiw, but it does seem updated?

@wxl It should display "Private: true"

@McKael found the problem. you did `if eq .visibility "private"` but it should actually be `"direct"`.

@wxl oh? I'm pretty sure I tested and it worked for me but I probably have missed something then... I'll look into it, thanks for the troubleshooting!

@McKael i used yaml output and saw "visibility: direct" and when i first looked at it and saw something that was not private, i thought it was totally messed up, but then i realized direct isn't public or unlisted, so it must be right ;)

@wxl Right, I guess the visibility should always be displayed because after all there's no reason to display it only for a specific visibility. I'll fix that.