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Il y a pile poil 44 ans, un certain 22 mai 1973 (année de folie, Dark Side of The Moon, Libé de la grande époque, The Devil in Miss Jones…) un Gus de Xerox (Robert Metcalfe) jetait les bases d'Ethernet, sans lequel Internet ne serait pas ce qu'il est.


On lui attribue la loi (empirique) dite de Metcalfe : l'utilité d'un réseau est proportionnelle au carré du nombre de ses utilisateurs.


« Le contrat Open Bar entre la Défense et Microsoft va-t-il rempiler pour quatre ans ?

Le contrat entre Microsoft et la Défense sera l’un des gros chantiers de la ministre de la Défense. Cet accord dit Open Bar qui lie les deux acteurs arrive en effet à échéance dans trois jours, prêt à signer pour la troisième fois. »


@wxl Yep, if you only set the default_theme you can use:
madonctl cmd... -o theme

@wxl @shellkr Hi.
So I'm not sure what you want, what's wrong about --since-id?

It seems to work fine here:
madonctl accounts notifications --list --since-id 393767

@shellkr @wxl Guys, I'll reply when I'm back home (tonight or tomorrow... I'm still AFK today).

Regarding the colors, I don't see what the for loop is for, can't you just use --color=on/off?

@vruz Good news!
I'm curious: could you compile for android/arm64? Didn't work for me.

@vruz See for example this issue: github.com/golang/go/issues/16

Good night (or whatever) for now! :)

@vruz Some bits might not be pure Go and thus can require native stuff to cross-compile. Sometimes disabling CGO helps.

@vruz Maybe you can try with export CGO_ENABLED=0 if you haven't already...

@vruz Isn't it your system compiler? The one used by Go is displayed with "go env" (CC) when cgo is enabled AFAIK...

@wxl Colors are disabled in "auto" mode when stdout is not a terminal, but you can force with --color=on

For your other problem, can you send me (privately) a capture with a command that works ("accounts show" maybe?) and one that doesn't ("accounts notification --list -l1" for example)?

I see many admins are using Docker for their Mastodon instance. There's no problem in that, it seems so simple, etc. But think about that : process are running using ROOT. And by default, there's no namespaces, so a root user in a Docker container HAS THE SAME PRIVILEGES as the root user on the host. With the amount of technology used my Mastodon, it is INSANE to run it as root.

Please share this post.

@wxl Sorry but I couldn't reproduce...
And it works with other commands?

@vruz Interesting. Do you know which dependency?

@wxl OK I'll try on another machine in a while...

@wxl Ah, yes, I forgot default_visibility! Thanks!

> sadly, default_theme doesn't seem to be working either with `stream` or `accounts notifications`

Well, it works here, and it should not depend on the command. The only explanation I have is that your theme is incomplete (in which case it'll silently use the plaintext output).

@wxl @vruz I'm actually building releases on Linux AMD64 with Golang 1.8.1 (release branch) as well, FTR.

@wxl No, you can't specify a default theme, but that's a good idea, I'll add that.

The configuration options are usually in the output of config dump, but some are indeed missing (output, template_directory, verbose). I'll add them and I'll add a default_theme option.