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Il a fallu arriver jusqu'au Conseil Constitutionnel, pour que neuf juges viennent dire : « Il est inadmissible qu'on empêche les français de lire ce qu'il veulent et de s'informer sur ce qu'il veulent. »
- Me Sureau


@wxl I first thought
madonctl COMMAND [--unset]
(with account follow, status boost/favourite...)
... was a good way to factorize commands.

Then I realized madonctl un-COMMAND (unfollow, unboost...) was much more user-friendly but I was lazy to change it afterwards. It's in my TODO though, to be honest. :)

@wxl I'll add an example to the help output maybe.

@wxl ... It's in the help though...

% madonctl accounts follow --help
Follow or unfollow the account

madonctl accounts follow [flags]

-r, --remote string Follow remote account (user@domain)
--unset Unfollow the account

@wxl --unset Unfollow the account

`madonctl accounts follow --unset --account-id N` ?

@wxl @kemonine I don't think you can, since stdin is usually a stream. I guess you shouldn't use cat in the first place... :)

If you just want to edit a text and stream it to the standard input of a command, maybe you can use something like Vim (and use ":w !command") ?

@wxl Not sure exactly what your use case is, but you might have a look at vipe(1) if you don't know about it. It's in the moreutils package on my system.

command1 | vipe | command2
» vipe allows you to run your editor in the middle of a unix pipeline and edit the data that is being piped between programs.


Envie de vérifier l'état sanitaire d'un resto, d'un commerce ou d'un supermarché ?
Les résultats des contrôles sanitaires du ministère de l'agriculture sont en ligne sur alim-confiance.gouv.fr/

Et en plus ils utilisent OpenStreetMap !

@wxl YW... Let me know!

Going to bed, bye for now :)

@wxl That might be your problem... Maybe check with the instance admin?

Here Firefox can connect but it displays a 0 byte response (I'm pretty sure it works though).

The Chromium/Chrome console displays websocket contents correctly here.

@wxl Nope, the token should be unrelated and the streaming use websockets so I'm not sure it's easy to check it manually. I'd check with a browser first...

@wxl :/
I'm afraid I have no clue.

Your server is running Mastodon 1.4.7; I tried with mastodon.social whichis running 1.4.7 as well and it works here. Seems to work for me with 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 so I doubt it's related to the server version.

@wxl Does it work if you open a new stream from your current machine? (The one where it still works...)

@wxl I've had this once and I'm pretty sure it was a server issue, it was working from an IP and not from another or something like that. It came back when they restarted the service for an upgrade.

Can't say if it's a similar issue though :/

@wxl The search call returns "Results" which contain a list of statuses (and a list of accounts).


So you have to explicitly take the first item of the status list, in this case.

Hope that helps...

@wxl Sorry I don't get it--without what?