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Let us celebrate when we:
- Eradicate poverty
- Provide health care for all
- Abolish homelessness
- Combat climate change
- Provide Universal Pre-K
Let us not celebrate when:
- Billionaires who avoid taxes and exploit workers take a vacation to outer space.

@MaximeVende who is going to pay for all these? Easy to say though.

@EdwardTorvalds @MaximeVende call me a dreamer, but how about those who have enough disposable income to ride to space and back?

@MaximeVende I don't need a hypocritical old politician to tell me when I should and shouldn't celebrate.

@MaximeVende Let us celebrate when we provide for all humans with their basic needs, for free. Without any questions asked. You cannot create a global society where everything is owned, and have an abundance of stuff, but then everyone can die if they do not work their asses off to survive. This is insanity.

@gemlog @MaximeVende well to be fair, these rockets will be needed when Earth is thoroughly trashed (in part by Amazon)

I think I can promise you that there will Not be enough affordable rockets, so I wouldn't rest my hopes on virgin, origin or tesla...

@MaximeVende Hm...I thought that this is a fake video at first...Bezos thanks the slaves for paying for his trip hahah…

@MaximeVende Mümkünse onları geri getirmeyip orada bırakalım

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