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Question bizarre d'un soir, bonsoir: Sous (et avec ), y a-t-il moyen de se servir d'un SSD comme d'un "cache" pour le contenu d'un HDD (plus grand) ?
Autrement dit, faire en sorte que de manière transparent le système mettre les fichiers du HDD couramment/récemment utilisés sur le SSD, sans avoir à tout copier sur le SSD (pas la place) ni à faire des transferts manuels ?

Un peu comme si l'on transformait ce couple SSD + HDD en SSHD en somme 😄

Merci d'avance 🙂

@mgrzeca that's a pretty great exemple of a website made for picture sharing : ~100% of the content is pictures, and that's it.
On @pixelfed pictures takes so few space and hierarchial importance, it's almost secondary content :(

PS: I'm using Pixelfed 95% of the time on a desktop computer. That might partly explain why I dislike that forced squared grid, yet that doesn't mean I like it when watching from my phone (it's even worse to be forced to see the picture in a smaller size because the format is not adapted to a phone screen).


Once that first issue is fixed, there is still plenty to say, but that would be a game changer.
On the other side, to me removing MomentUI or such kind of nice non-square format UI would end in a no-go and uninstalling PF.

(I hope that did not sound too harsh, I tried to be honest about it 😅)



But as a person watching other people content, I would really love to have the ability to choose to switch on the fly between one UI/picture organisation to another (and maybe enforce one by default ?). Depending on the profile's pictures, the screen you're using and so on, both have their pros&cons.


One side note on that "MetroUI/MomentUI" debate : as an author/publisher, having the ability to choose how I want people to discover my content "by default" is cool. I mean, being able to give them "masonry grid view" or "squared grid view".


That wouldn't be so much of an issue if the software was designed *and* presented that way : that would be a big flaw in my opinion, personally I would be strongly against that design choice, and that would mean PF would never be fitted for me, but that could be an assumed design choice, then no problem. (But I don't have the feeling that was a design choice you made, am I wrong ?)


On a broader and more… philosophical (?) point of view, I'm having trouble with the idea of using free software and suddenly realizing that I'm actually as (or more) constrained in my "freedom to share photos" as in let's say Instagram or other GAFAM silo, on something as fundamental as "having to crop everything to 1:1".


That issue applies to mostly all non 1:1 images, but is way worse in one particular case: panoramic pictures.

As a counter example, for instance the masonry effect that is (was…) included in MomentUI does pretty well the job.
I (came and) stayed on Pixelfed almost only for that feature, despite all the design flaws that make it very often frustrating/painful to use.


Even if we can publish non-squared images, having to display them as squared at some point mostly ruins them 😔, and ruins the whole ability to publish non-squared images.
And even more when: 1) this is where and when people first encounter them (first impression matters a lot) 2) this is the only "gallery" view where you can visualise all photos from somebody account, as a whole.


Square format can be nice for some pictures, other ratio are cool too, I'm not debating which one is better (none of them is, it's a matter personal preferences, blabla bla) but imposing any of them is a problem for all others…


@pixelfed that has been said in the replies, and several other times, but for me the main issue is the forced square aspect ratio.

The second main (but way less critical) issue would be the small display size of the pictures (on relatively big screens).

I'll elaborate on that first point:


"Next level support for AMD GPUs"

"Blender 3.0 takes support for AMD GPUs to the next level. With improved AMD GPU rendering support in Cycles. Beta available now!" 😃

@radis_noir les cyclistes et les non cyclistes d'ailleurs !

Je pense typiquement aux personnes qui n'en font pas parce que l'infrastructure ne leur semble pas adaptée, sûre, pratique…
C'est important de rendre visible ces ressentis et vécus, pour pouvoir améliorer les choses.

Et il fait de la reconnaissance-retranscription automatique de la voix, un peu comme ce qui a été intégré à Kdenlive. Mais là c'est avec un outil du nom de PocketSphinx, je ne sais pas si c'est aussi performant que l'outil utilisé par Kdenlive (Vosk) 🤔

Je découvre que le projet KDE sort un logiciel de sous-titrage des vidéos :

À première vue il a l'air pas mal fichu 🤔

Disponible sur Windows Mac et Linux 🙂 (et encore en bêta)

Coucou @admin 🙂

Il semblerait que ce soir (voir ces derniers jours) les abonnements à des comptes privés ne fonctionnent pas totalement bien:
Apparemment quand on fait une demande de suivi, qu'elle est validée, dans le sens "mamot->suivre sur une autre instance" ça fonctionne mais y'a toujours marqué qu'on est en attente de validation, dans l'autre sens, ça reste en attente et c'est tout (même si on valide la demande).

La solution était incroyablement simple… j'ai pu déplacer le dossier dans /tmp.
Donc libérer la place pour recréer le fichier.
Et le fichier corrompu sera supprimé au prochain redémarrage.

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N'y a-t-il vraiment aucun moyen de torpiller ce fichier ? 😅

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