@nt Thank you for your feedback, can you be more specific by what you mean about federation, comments and notifications not working? We have shipped a number of bug fixes, are you running the latest version?

We are working on a new desktop compose UI, should be easier to use!

An alternate post/profile layout is in development, you will be able to have more natural (wider) photo previews and a masonry layout on your profile.

@pixelfed I can give an example regarding federation and related stuff (comments, notifications…):

Yesterday I published that : photo.lapineige.fr/p/Lapineige
As you can see, from Pixelfed I can only see 2 comments.
From mastodon I can see 2 extra comments. All of them are publicly visible.



For none of these comments I received a notification.
The only way to know someone commented one of my post… is to watch them regularly, searching for new comments.

(From PF) Like and share counts are zero (even if I had a few like notifications - 11 of them).
I have to watch it from mastodon to see that it has 1 like (instead of 11) and 7 boosts (btw most of the time boosts are visible only from mastodon, and likes only from PF. Here this is a strange mix).


@Lapineige It appears you are not running the latest version, we fixed comment notifications in the last release.

You should be receiving notifications for all comments, please update!


@pixelfed oh indeed I was running v0.11.0 instead of v0.11.1, that's strange I thought I had updated it correctly… 🤔

Updating right now 🙂


And indeed I now have notifications coming from new comments. Great 🙂

Where is MomentUI ?? 😱
Was it removed ? :(((((

@Lapineige MomentUI has been deprecated, we are working on a new version that will be as feature complete as MetroUI!

@Lapineige Yes! You will be able to customize some aspects.

Posts will look similar to old MomentUI along with some new stuff like meta fields (Camera type, aperture, focal length, exposure, iso, exif and more)

The upcoming Drive feature will allow you to easily manage your media, and the desktop compose UI will adapt to your workflow based on how you use it.

We ❤️ photography, and have big plans to help improve and embrace it!

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