@nt Thank you for your feedback, can you be more specific by what you mean about federation, comments and notifications not working? We have shipped a number of bug fixes, are you running the latest version?

We are working on a new desktop compose UI, should be easier to use!

An alternate post/profile layout is in development, you will be able to have more natural (wider) photo previews and a masonry layout on your profile.

@pixelfed I can give an example regarding federation and related stuff (comments, notifications…):

Yesterday I published that : photo.lapineige.fr/p/Lapineige
As you can see, from Pixelfed I can only see 2 comments.
From mastodon I can see 2 extra comments. All of them are publicly visible.



For none of these comments I received a notification.
The only way to know someone commented one of my post… is to watch them regularly, searching for new comments.

(From PF) Like and share counts are zero (even if I had a few like notifications - 11 of them).
I have to watch it from mastodon to see that it has 1 like (instead of 11) and 7 boosts (btw most of the time boosts are visible only from mastodon, and likes only from PF. Here this is a strange mix).



I have hundreds of example like this, especially a lot of key/core feature missing and hundreds of tiny to big UX issues :(

(as @nt said, the list would be way too long for a few toots)

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