This Week in KDE: Plasma gets a new windows overview look, you can choose the status of your Bluetooth adapter on login, and the loading spinner now looks like a rotating gear ⚙️!


> but will eventually replace the existing Present Windows effect and probably the Desktop Grid effect as well

You mean we will loose the desktop Grid effect ? :(((

That is really not the same tool and same usage, and it's something only KDE (as far as I know) offers…
It would break a lot of workflows :[

@kde to be more specific: having the ability to visualise (and reorganise) in an instant all (active) windows in all virtual desktops, and an exhaustive, very visual, global overview such as grid view, this is the killer feature that made me choose and stick to KDE…
(and it's not for lack of adoring other DE)

> similar to Parachute KWin script

For my part, if I wanted a Parachute/Mission control-like feature, I would have gone for Gnome, which already offers it very well.
(no trolling intended, that a real user story…)
But for some that's far from as useful as a real grid view.

I have nothing against adding this as another possibility (it's even better if people can choose the tool that adapt to their workflow), even by default.
But don't make it a "replacement" for grid view, please 🙏


@kde (btw, thanks for letting me discover that script, I have a friend or two, coming from Mac OS workflow, that might be interested 🙂)

For the record, if anyone reads this in the future: a "grid view like" feature is planned to be integrated, so it's not removed :)

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