Voilà, toute première version de , le fork communautaire de Mastodon (qui cherche notamment à régler ses problèmes de gouvernance). Donc version initiale qui n'a pas vocation a apporter de gros changements.
Et ben déjà ça fait plaisir:
- longueur des pouets configurable par l'admin (sans bidouille du code comme avant)
- idem pour les longueurs des bio.
- **on peut choisir d'afficher les DM dans la TL principale** 👌

Ben ça donne envie pour la suite 🤩

Tiens, même message que pour : si vous êtes intéressé⋅e par une version de , mettez un fav 🙂
Et si vous voudriez contribuer, idem, voire mieux si vous répondez à ce message 🙂

(Et repouets appréciés, évidemment 🙂)


First release, the community Mastodon fork (which aims notably to solve its governance issues). So it's an initial release which is not meant to bring a lot of big changes.
And it's already very pleasant to see the changelog:
- toot length configurable by te admin (without any code hack as in Mastodon)
- same for the bio
- **we can choose to display DMs on the main TL**

I can't wait to see the next steps ! 🤩

Then I'm doing the same message as for : if you're interested in a package for Florence, please fav this toot. And if you like to contribute, fav or even better raise your voice in the replies 🙂

(boosts appreciated 🙂)

I am running this personal instance in Yunohost 😀


@Lapineige hey, I have had some trouble with my admin the other day, because the image description length limit was too short. can you make that configurable and set a sane limit?

@v0idifier I can't do anything by myself 😄

That's rather a mastodon defined limit that need to be changed in the code*, or something configurable in the admin interface (I'm not sure but I don't think so). Or maybe something to change in the reunning code of your instance.

* and if Mastodon devs don't include it, you may ask Glitch-soc or Florence.

@Lapineige Yes, I know! that's why I'm asking Florcence (I thought you were a florence dev). Can you send this suggestion to the Florance team?

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