We need some help to test the lastest version for 🙂
More info here :


On a besoin d'aide pour tester la dernière version de @wallabag pour @yunohost 🙂

Plus d'info ici :

@Lapineige @wallabag @yunohost I still did not have time test it sorry, but my current wallabag on YNH has this issue:

This will be fixed with wallabag 2.4.

I don't know how long it takes to publish a new wallabag version for YNH but maybe it would be wiser to wait for this version?

I surely appreciate the work anyway!! Thanks a lot

@nicofrand just open an issue on github when 2.4 is released and if there are not too much changes in the upgrade process, we can do it very fast 🙂
(btw I also subscribed to wallabag release news)

Yet 2.4 is not ready until quite a while.
I could give you a way to install a WIP version with your yunohost, but it's not that simple (and I don't know if it can work).

@Lapineige I'll do it thanks, I just wanted to let you know of the problem (in case you were not) that'll affect several ynh users I think.

@nicofrand well, most of them are still using php7.0 so maybe there is no issue for them. I hope.

@Lapineige I thought I was using the PHP version specified by the ynh app.. I'll check then

@Lapineige Why don't I use it then :/? Where do you see which PHP version is used?

If I believe this line PHP 5 should actually be used?

@Lapineige Got it in my nginx file : `fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php/php7.0-fpm-wallabag2.sock;`. I don't know why, the PHP5 seems to be defined:

@Lapineige 2.3.8 was just released with a fix for that issue :)

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