So it's sounds like we now have 2 plugins that use to connect it to the .

That's cool but... what are the differences ?

Dear fediverse, do you have some feedback on your use of these plugins ?

(btw I'm still not able to configure with Nginx 😅)

ping @jdormit
@pfefferle, if you can explain to me the differences between your plugins, I'd appreciate 🙂

Hey @Lapineige! I can't speak for @pfefferle , but Pterotype is eventually aiming to be more than just giving blog posts an ActivityPub stream. I want the plugin to be a full replacement for Mastodon - a place where you and other users on your WordPress instance can post blog posts, but also microblogs/toots, pictures, videos, etc.

It's still pretty far away from that - I have been slowly but steadily making progress on rewriting it since the first version has some deep-rooted technical problems

@jdormit @Lapineige when it comes to the different post types, I also want to support as many WordPress objects as possible, but I indeed do not want to replace Mastodon. The ActivityPub plugin is planned to share Objects with the Fediverse, but it is not possible to „consume“ the activities of others... And it is not planned for the near future...

@pfefferle I tried pterotype a few months ago, I'm still not able to use it (config issue with Nginx).
I recently heard about your plugin…

And I asked you guys for some information because I don't know what to choose.
(and I still don't 😄)

There is no competition here 😉

@pfefferle @jdormit

> There is no competition here 😉

In fact, I also asked my question because I wanted to know if your 2 project were kind of targeting the same goal (=usage), -and it would have been interesting to join forces- or 2 different use cases.

And as you have different goals... both projects are good for the fediverse 🙂

In terms of the nginx issue, it was that your blog was in a subfolder, right? So we were looking for a rewrite rule that would rewrite requests for "" to ""?

@jdormit something like that, indeed :)

I documented that in the github issue.

@pfefferle not really: I don't understand how to write to redicrection (rewrite rule ?) from to

@Lapineige @jdormit @pfefferle

same for me, and nothing works. I don't follow my message anymore.

@Lapineige Hello, j'ai testé les 2, et pour l'instant j'utilise le plugin #ActivityPub plutôt que #Pterotype - Mes blogs "actifs" (oui, j'en gère pour moi-même et d'autres, entreprises, artistes...) sont désormais vus correctement. de plus en plus de blogs WordPress apparaissent dans cette liste !

Comme je faisais bcp de tests au même moment, je ne suis pas certain que l'un fonctionne mieux que l'autre.

Les différences fondamentales : * Une interface de configuration pour #ActivityPub alors que #Pterotype n'en a pas (pour l'instant)
* #Pterotype crée de nombreuses tables dans la DB pour stocker les infos/interactions

Voilà synthétiquement...
Si vous voulez suivre l'un de mes blogs :
* @ cybeardjm @ musiques d'Afrique
* @ cybeardjm @ blog pro/perso
* @ steve @ artiste World/Jazz

A suivre...

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