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🐰 Lapineige 🐇 @Lapineige

«I am happy to announce the addition of Peertube app on YunoHost.»
🎉 is available on ! 🎉 🎉

Happy , happy watching and video sharing 😉

(and a big thank you to the team who worked on that app !)

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@Lapineige Alors là c'est du looouuuuurd.

Je vais me faire une grosse install ce weekend ^^

@Lapineige This is awesome. I think what you're doing is providing a way to install PeerTube? I didn't look deeply enough to be sure...

yeah, that's one of the main things that @yunohost does: providing an easy and mainly/fully automated way to install/remove/upgrade/backup&restore a packaged software.

Note: I'm not the one doing the packaging, or reporting issues (they are severals btw).

@Lapineige @yunohost I think this is great. I managed to install PeerTube from start to finish (and this involved breaks and stuff) in about 24 hours. Most of that was that I started too late in my work day, and I wasn't wrapping my head around some pieces I needed to get working, until I had slept and took another look at it (services and stuff). I *do* like the fact that PeerTube is easy to setup, and works fairly well.

@JigmeDatse even without using @yunohost, taking a look at its install script might give you some good info about the installation process.
(beware that it might be specific to Yunohost config)

@Lapineige @yunohost Our setup actually is pretty much "difficult for everything which isn't properly put in the distribution." Which means that most instructions assume things which aren't true of our system. One big thing being the use of systemd as the main way that people have services setup. We use OpenRC.

@Lapineige Will the #PeerTube app show up in the list of available 1-click-to-install apps in #YunoHost, or is this something that the user needs to enter the GitHub URL to install from?

@Blort I don't think (but I'm not sure) that it is listed in the community app list, yet.
If that's correct, for the moment you need the github URL.
But once it is listed, it's a 1-click-to-install, yes 🙂