@Lapineige Hi! Thanks for posting. I wonder, do you know if there are any comparisons of peertube vs dtube (or other crypto based services) ?

@douginamug well, I discovered dtube with your toot so... I've no idea, sorry 😄

Ah! Do you know anyone of the peertube developers on Mastodon?

@Lapineige @Chocobozzz Hi, I just read the section about d.tube int the FAQ joinpeertube.org/en/faq/

To be honest, I'm mostly skeptical of crypto projects right now, except Duniter. Do you have anything further written on the topic of crypto vs p2p based video decentralization?

@Lapineige How do I subscribe to an uploader or their channel(s) on peertube? I'm seeing subscriber counts, but no subscribe buttons... o.o

@bthall @Lapineige

You can follow #Peertube accounts in mastodon though. Just search for the PeerTube username in Mastodon and click follow. :D

people, we need to talk: I believe that the last censorship wave on -at least, the last visible one, that is making scandal (if you speak a bit of French, check ), it happens everyday- shows clearly that we need an alternative.

Guess what, is growing 🙂

But it's still very young, and it needs your support.
First of all, financial support: check out this ⬆️
And it needs you to talk about it, here and on the others social networks (!)

D'après ce que j'ai vu, ne supprime pas les vidéos mais supprime la monétisation ! Or n'offre pas, pour l'instant, une monétisation des vidéos.

🤔 Just a thought: P2P may becomes a problem when we talk about copyright protected content, doesn't it?

Is there a way to limit content to be only streamt from one peertube instance?

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