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#Lagrange v1.2: It's a Big One

UI design refresh, Atom feeds, inline downloads, editable bookmark icons, search integration, auto-reloading, fullscreen mode, and a few smaller things.


The master branch for amfora now supports keyboards with non-ascii characters for keybinds. Thanks @makeworld !

We've removed the medusa art from the main gemini:// page because it was too apparent for some people.

If you love our little medusa, you can still find it on the about page (everything you want to know) as well as error pages.

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I'm starting an experiment.

Publishing on #Gemini could be as simple as giving a link to someone!

Here is a public link to publish on , let's say it's a community experiment if you want to toy with gemini

everything will be available under gemini://

Your IP will be recorded in logs so please don't abuse it :)

PS : it's not meant to last, I may shutdown it tomorrow. I want to learn how easy it can be. Feedback required! :)

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I updated 29 gemini texts of my blog to add alternative text in pre-formatted block.

This looks like this

```shell commands adding an user
sudo -i
adduser -m someuser

It works like Content Warning on Mastodon, some users using braille display or Text-To-Speech clients may not want to waste time on a log file or an ASCII art.

It is important to think about them. Gemini is a great opportunity for a better accessibility and we shouldn't waste it.

#gemini #a11y

And you're of course welcome to send us your favorite capsules so we'll add them to the directory.

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We've also added alt descriptions for our various use of preformatted text, it's an important thing for accessibility.

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gemini:// news!

We've added a search feature that you can find under the "search and filters" title on the main page.

We've also opened an "official" gemlog where you'll find news and thoughts we want to share about the directory. It's located here: gemini://

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Starting from this day, I am now offering free #gemini pod hosting!


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@Laerte The *latest* release! There are more to come ;)

It's time to try the last amfora release.

Thanks @makeworld

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The prolific Drew DeVault has launched sourcehut pages, which is a static website publishing tool. But guess what? It's also on Gemini!


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We should have more than 200 Gemini capsules indexed on gemini:// before monday!

And we'll have some new features to announce soon too!

I really love the Geminispace and its community.

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gemini:// - Internet #Radio Stations Directory (#gemini capsule)
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@bbbhltz @bucareli @danslerush @ChrisWere @HexDSL there's a very active #gemini IRC channel on We have a few french speakers in there as well.

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