Dites nous ce que fais votre patron avec technopoleaks !

Nous avons mis en place une plateforme sécurisée de fuite de documents pour dénoncer la - aidez-nous à faire reculer la surveillance !

Vous travaillez dans une des entreprises de la technopolice ? Dans une municipalité tout-sécuritaire ? Faites nous parvenir des informations afin qu'on puisse informer les citoyen·nes sur le déploiement de la surveillance de masse

Aujourd'hui, la plupart des projets sécuritaires mis en place sont totalement opaques, la population n'a pas son mot à dire ni de droit de regard. Les "expérimentations" se multiplient, cherchant à affiner ces technologies et à nous les rendre communes et acceptables.

Rendons ces projets un peu plus transparents :)


pour aller plus loin sur les boites qui fabriquent des armes et un annuaire du sud-ouest :


Hi. I was going to forward this but cannot do so in good conscience. Please note that in a high security environment the instructions given on your link still expose the leaker to a significant risk of detection and identification.

Sorry for not offering any better suggestions but I feel that this should be done on a case by case basis.

@0 Could you explain in more details what you mean ?


My main concerns include the suggestion to store the data in personal assets, suggesting the use of electronic data transmission, and changing one's routine (e.g. by using if one ordinarily doesn't), as well as higher level considerations.

The thing is, exfiltrating data from a properly secured environment is possible but you have to be prepared to expect consequences.


If I may make a suggestion, consider putting together an info page with what a whistleblower can expect will happen to him and what he can do about it, including what resources (e.g. legal, financial) are available to assist.


E.g., one strategy that has been used successfully in the past was to extract the data and immediately initiate legal action against the company to put them on the defensive.

But as I say, it's all case by case.


Finally, unless physical integrity is at stake, the idea is not necessarily to avoid getting caught but to minimise the fallout.

I hope this provides enough clarification.

@0 Thanks for the clarifications ! If you would like to help us with that, you can! In the meanwhile, we are making sure to protect people as much as possible on our side.

Would you like to join ?


So, here's a textbook example:

Note how using “an encrypted messaging program” (as stated in a article) did not help one bit.

However, a proper legal defence saw her get away with it in fairly light terms. I would hope that it's footing the bill. That's something that a potential should negotiate early on.

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