Political momentum for a crackdown on Silicon Valley’s social media giants got a boost this week when a state attorney general said he would tell U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions next week that Google, Facebook and Twitter should be broken up.
[...] Landry is accusing the tech behemoths of suppressing conservative views and stifling competition, on top of infringing on antitrust laws[...]“We need to go to court with an antitrust suit.”

@Khrys I don't agree with the "suppressing conservative" thing. If anything those platforms have amplified conservative and far right views while also suppressing left wingers. But breaking up the silos with antitrust is something worth supporting. If that happens, it will make things easier for decentralized systems to become the main paradigm.
@jasper @Khrys Also claiming that Twitter and Facebook suppress conservatives is to miss the entire Trump phenomenon.
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