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Geary packagers and hackers! We're considering requiring a build profile to be required for `meson setup` to succeed, can we get your input on this change?

Thanks! 🙏

#Geary #GNOME

Librem 5 phone + USB keyboard + USB touchpad + Bluetooth speaker + HDMI screen + Firefox + YouTube video

Nintendo 64 games support, collections and improved performance - Alexander, @exalm, and this year’s GSoC students have been working hard on Games!

Check out the release details:

Aaand now it's @gnome Usage to see its 3.38.0 version released! 😄

retro-gtk 1.0.0 released! 🎉

This major API cleanup of the @Libretro frontend library that powers @GNOME Games now runs cores isolated in a subprocess, supports cores rendering with OpenGL, improves its timing accuracy, and resamples its audio.



libhandy 1.0.0 released. 🎉

We released it a bit in advance to let application maintainers update their submodules in time for the GNOME 3.38.0 release. 😀 That being said, we expect distros to ship libhandy as any other regular stable library. 😉

GSoC intern Neville Antony has been working on empowering Games users by allowing them to create pre-defined and custom collections to stay organized the way they want.

Check out the final project report on their blog:

If you didn't port your app to libhandy 1, now is the best time. We even have a migration guide to help you!

If you ported to a libhandy 1 alpha, I also strongly recommend you to update to 0.90 as you are guaranteed you won't have to change a thing after.

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libhandy 0.90.0 released: the 1st libhandy 1 beta!

- The API is now stable! 🎉
- HdyCarousel indicators are now separate widgets
- HdyAvatar now has 14 revamped colors
- …

GNOME Usage 3.37.1 released

- the window is now adaptive and works on phones
- better detect application IDs via desktop entries
- better group processes per application via cgroups

libhandy 0.85.0 released (last libhandy 1 alpha)

It offers too many fixes, changes, and new features to list them in a toot! 🙌 Read about them here:

So it happened.'s branch using HdyPreferencesWindow for Epiphany has been merged. :)

So you think creating a @gnome application is necessarily done with C and you need to fight the compiler for hours before getting anything?

Quite the opposite! This thread shows you how to get started quickly to create a GNOME friendly GTK Rust app!

libhandy 0.84.0 released (5th libhandy 1 alpha)

HdyHeaderGroup has been overhauled, it now supports GtkHeaderBar, HdyHeaderBar and nesting HdyHeaderGroup. Its 'focus' property has been replaced by the boolean 'decorate-all'.


#phosh 0.4.1 is out 🚀 :

New #bluetooth quick setting, improvements/fixes for the other quick settings, simplify background loading, be more async overall and other fixes

libhandy 0.83.0 released, this is the 4th libhandy 1 alpha.

- hdy_init() is back, read the docs
- HdySwipeable overhaul
- HdySwipeTracker added
- HdyLeflet and HdyDeck transition code overhaul
- shadows in transitions have a thin outline

The hdy_init() documentation:

⚠️ If you use libhandy master: we reintroduced hdy_init() to replace the library constructor to fix many corner cases, please use it.

It isn't the same function as hdy_init() in the 0.0 version, learn how to use it here in the nightly documentation:

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