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libhandy 0.90.0 released: the 1st libhandy 1 beta!

- The API is now stable! 🎉
- HdyCarousel indicators are now separate widgets
- HdyAvatar now has 14 revamped colors
- …

GNOME Usage 3.37.1 released

- the window is now adaptive and works on phones
- better detect application IDs via desktop entries
- better group processes per application via cgroups

libhandy 0.85.0 released (last libhandy 1 alpha)

It offers too many fixes, changes, and new features to list them in a toot! 🙌 Read about them here:

So it happened.'s branch using HdyPreferencesWindow for Epiphany has been merged. :)

So you think creating a @gnome application is necessarily done with C and you need to fight the compiler for hours before getting anything?

Quite the opposite! This thread shows you how to get started quickly to create a GNOME friendly GTK Rust app!

libhandy 0.84.0 released (5th libhandy 1 alpha)

HdyHeaderGroup has been overhauled, it now supports GtkHeaderBar, HdyHeaderBar and nesting HdyHeaderGroup. Its 'focus' property has been replaced by the boolean 'decorate-all'.


#phosh 0.4.1 is out 🚀 :

New #bluetooth quick setting, improvements/fixes for the other quick settings, simplify background loading, be more async overall and other fixes

libhandy 0.83.0 released, this is the 4th libhandy 1 alpha.

- hdy_init() is back, read the docs
- HdySwipeable overhaul
- HdySwipeTracker added
- HdyLeflet and HdyDeck transition code overhaul
- shadows in transitions have a thin outline

The hdy_init() documentation:

⚠️ If you use libhandy master: we reintroduced hdy_init() to replace the library constructor to fix many corner cases, please use it.

It isn't the same function as hdy_init() in the 0.0 version, learn how to use it here in the nightly documentation:

We need a cultural shift in libre software, we need to name things and quit talking of "developers".

We need:
- Designers to think of how the project can elegantly solve actual problems
- Devs to share technical feasibility and make the software
- Translators so anyone can use it
- A feedback team to protect devs & designers from harrassment and show progress
- A community to use the project, give feedback, accept their opinion is not universal, and pay for what it uses. Everyone needs to eat.

I wrote about some of the ongoing GNOME Shell UX work:

There's some very cool stuff cooking in GNOME Shell land, stay tuned!

libhandy 0.82.0 released. This is the 3rd libhandy 1 alpha.

- HdyClamp replaces HdyColumn, it implements GtkOrientable
- hdy_list_box_separator_header() has been dropped
- You can help localizing libhandy at
- Perf improvements and code cleanups

libhandy 0.81.0 released, it is the second alpha to libhandy 1, and the 1st version to be available on GNOME's tarball repository:

It offers many tiny improvements over 0.80.0.

Reminder, we now follow the GNOME 3.38 dev schedule:

🎉️ libhandy 0.80.0 is out!

This 1st alpha to the upcoming libhandy 1 offers free-form windows, swipeable decks, a cleaner and simpler API, vastly improved styling, and more!

See the migration documentation:

As an alpha, it is not suitable for distribution, use it if you want to start porting your app to libhandy 1, but be aware its API and ABI *will* change before the 1st beta release.

On behalf of my fellow small-screen phone fans:


I don’t care that your 6" phone with tiny bezels is the same physical size as a 4.7" phone with bezels. The 4.7" phone is still more usable for me.

Small teaser of the #WebKitGTK cleanup work done today for context menus. It doesn't look like much but using GtkPopoverMenu paves the way for GTK4 and also fixes years old bugs related to menu positioning. Bonus: the patch will actually remove more code than it adds :bongoCat:

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