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libhandy 0.82.0 released. This is the 3rd libhandy 1 alpha.

- HdyClamp replaces HdyColumn, it implements GtkOrientable
- hdy_list_box_separator_header() has been dropped
- You can help localizing libhandy at
- Perf improvements and code cleanups

libhandy 0.81.0 released, it is the second alpha to libhandy 1, and the 1st version to be available on GNOME's tarball repository:

It offers many tiny improvements over 0.80.0.

Reminder, we now follow the GNOME 3.38 dev schedule:

🎉️ libhandy 0.80.0 is out!

This 1st alpha to the upcoming libhandy 1 offers free-form windows, swipeable decks, a cleaner and simpler API, vastly improved styling, and more!

See the migration documentation:

As an alpha, it is not suitable for distribution, use it if you want to start porting your app to libhandy 1, but be aware its API and ABI *will* change before the 1st beta release.

On behalf of my fellow small-screen phone fans:


I don’t care that your 6" phone with tiny bezels is the same physical size as a 4.7" phone with bezels. The 4.7" phone is still more usable for me.

Small teaser of the #WebKitGTK cleanup work done today for context menus. It doesn't look like much but using GtkPopoverMenu paves the way for GTK4 and also fixes years old bugs related to menu positioning. Bonus: the patch will actually remove more code than it adds :bongoCat:

Playing with the new, adaptive version of Clocks, which is really coming together.

Kudos to Allan Day and @snwh for the design, and @bilelmoussaoui and Zander Brown for making it happen!

It is now done, use the libhandy-0-0 branch until the new version is ready. For GNOME 3.36, we recommend using the 0.0 branch, libhandy 1 will be available for GNOME 3.38.

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If you are using libhandy, use the libhandy-0-0 branch instead of master — e.g. in your Flatpak manifests.

We will soon bump the API version on master to prepare libhandy 1.0, so if you get libhandy from that branch, your app *will* stop building.

Bonjour Fediverse ! Voici le compte Mastodon des #contribateliers à #Nantes !

On se retrouve le vendredi 3 janvier à 19h30 à pour boire un verre et discuter organisation, contenus, lieux et dates ! Si ça vous intéresse, rejoignez-nous :

Boosts appréciés ☺️

@KekunPlazas @purism @matrix

That looks really cool! Thanks for sharing photos.

(and I'm surprised to read attacks on the thread)

Te Komikku photo gave me the idea to open an issue on Komikku to know more on how I could get Pepper&Carrot to the catalog of available comics: 😉

Yesterday I received my from @purism! Today I had fun with it, here are some photos:
- the default applications
- the Fractal @matrix client
- the Komikku webcomic reader
- the terminal application

blank on power button press coming to to the Librem 5 and it's devkit. This is on linux-next + nwl and mxsfb patches and some not yet merged phoc/wlroots patches:

#phosh #librem5

FWIW, it clearly looks to me now that the whole feature will be completed on time for GNOME 3.34, and that makes me very happy.

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The last days I have gotten back to work on my patch set to revamp the #GNOME Web ad blocker:

After rebasing and adapting to the new public API (available since WebKit 2.24), I added the periodic update check, direct loading of local ruleset files, support in the profile migration tool, and changed the default to switch from EasyList in the ABP to the WebKit native JSON ruleset format.

Only one item left to go: making sure filters are enabled before loading web pages.

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