@nahuelwexd @exalm It feels good! 😛️ I can totally imagine using that very selectively to drag attention or to convey emotion (e.g. with icons depicting a face).

@scaramouche88 @sebsauvage Perso c'était un Envy, mais c'était il y a un gros paquet d'années… depuis il est hors de question que j'approche un HP. 😛️

@sebsauvage @scaramouche88 Sur le HP que j'avais, les ventilateur était pas en face des trous d'aération… et par pas en face je veux dire qu'un quart du ventilateur principal à peine était sur les trous. Et c'était supposé être un moyen-haut de gamme à l'époque. Donc pas surpris.

@sebsauvage Mon expérience perso avec les ordis portables HP a toujours été horrible, et je note que quand des gens de mon entourage parlent d'une expérience horrible avec un ordi portable, c'est un HP. C'en est au point ou quand j'entend parler des gens d'un ordi portable qui surchauffe je dis juste « laisse moi deviner, c'est un HP ? » et j'ai bon à chaque fois.

@lorabe I noticed the issue with previous versions on my Librem 5 but I never yook the time to investigate, I assume it affects many ARM hardware.

Aaand now it's @gnome Usage to see its 3.38.0 version released! 😄

retro-gtk 1.0.0 released! 🎉

This major API cleanup of the @Libretro frontend library that powers @GNOME Games now runs cores isolated in a subprocess, supports cores rendering with OpenGL, improves its timing accuracy, and resamples its audio.

Documentation: gnome.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/r

Sources: download.gnome.org/sources/ret

libhandy 1.0.0 released. 🎉

We released it a bit in advance to let application maintainers update their submodules in time for the GNOME 3.38.0 release. 😀 That being said, we expect distros to ship libhandy as any other regular stable library. 😉


GSoC intern Neville Antony has been working on empowering Games users by allowing them to create pre-defined and custom collections to stay organized the way they want.

Check out the final project report on their blog:

@exalm @vinnl @garrett @outie Maybe they could introduce a "subseries" tag to solve this.

@exalm @vinnl @garrett @outie

The initial data set may be bad, but at least the perenity of the project, its license, and its contribution rules should be clear… maybe it's worth exploring and encouraging users to fix any issue they find? Maybe even via a simple UI in Games.

@exalm @garrett @outie Yeah I agree this cycle was intese on many fronts. And you are on many fronts. 😛️

@exalm @garrett @outie

I admit I am not convinced, mostly because I have never been convinced by letting users arrange the UI themselves, see zachholman.com/posts/shit-work.

@exalm @garrett @outie

Or series which are just a big mish mash? Are Mario Kart and Mario Party part of the same Mario series? Is Yoshi's Island really Mario World 2 or the 1st of the Yoshi series? Is Wario Land really Mario Land 3, and even more: what thee heck do we do with the gigantic mess that is Wonder Boy/Monster World/Adventure Island‽

But granted, it doesn't have to be perfect to work. 😛️

@exalm @garrett @outie

I was but as I said, we had a problem and it was the only solution that worked, so I largely prefer to have that view than nothing at all or a completely broken solution relying on unreliable metadata.

@garrett @exalm @outie

I absolutely agree, so much so that it actually was one of the reasons why Laurent and I started designing Games ~9 years ago.

I initially was against the inclusion of a Platform view because of that, but as the number of supported games grew we needed some way to filter them out. As Alexander said we sadly are lacking reliable metadata sources, so we relunctantly resorted on using platforms, as it was all we could have.

If you didn't port your app to libhandy 1, now is the best time. We even have a migration guide to help you! gnome.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/l

If you ported to a libhandy 1 alpha, I also strongly recommend you to update to 0.90 as you are guaranteed you won't have to change a thing after.

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libhandy 0.90.0 released: the 1st libhandy 1 beta!

- The API is now stable! 🎉
- HdyCarousel indicators are now separate widgets
- HdyAvatar now has 14 revamped colors
- …


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