Hey fedipals, do you know what's the state of the FLOSS Google Search alternatives? Last time I checked Searx and Seeks were not giving good results… but maybe that was just an instance problem? Are there new more interesting ones? Boost welcome.

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@KekunPlazas try it's my go-to when my own private instance of searxng is not reachable. You can configure searxng to display results from your preferred search engines so you can tweak the results

they are not open-source (at least partly for botfighting reasons) but @Mojeek and @StartpageSearch are already a huge improvement over Google and they are on Fedi

@KekunPlazas you have to find the searX instances that have all the options turned on.

@KekunPlazas I'd argue the value of searchengines comes more from the system administration effort than the software dev (unless like Searx it just repackages others' results), so FOSS matters less to me in this realm...

But I do like , which operates can a curated selection of sites. Gives great results when it has any to give! It is a (now opensource) web interface & decoupling layer around Apache Solr & PyScraper.

Also there's

@KekunPlazas SearX gives great results (from multiple third-party engines), but it's very, very, very slow, and timeouts frequently. I learned to live with it. I use my own private instance.

qwant is a proxy for bing mostly, like startpage is for google.
My searx broke too, but I've recently installed searxNG and it's going very well here at home. I'll put it on a vps when I'm through tweaking, but it worked fine out of the gate.
Here are some instances
Here is a post I made earlier only today about installing it on your own pc


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