If your application works on GNOME phones like the Librem 5, please add the relevant metadata to your appdata file and to your desktop entry.

It will let Phosh, GNOME Software 41 and PureOS Store 41 know your application works on phones.

Use the new standardized AppStream hardware support information to your appdata:

GNOME Software and PureOS Store will use this to let users of your application know if it works on their hardware.


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In most cases, this boils down to adding:
<display_length compare="ge">360</display_length>

More info here:

Also add the non-standard PureOS Store-specific hardware support information for some transition period:
<value key="Purism::form_factor">workstation</value>
<value key="Purism::form_factor">mobile</value>


Finally, to let Phosh know your application supports phones, add this to your desktop entry:

More information here:

That's it! 😄


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