I've been working on Highscore to add a setting to render games in HD! When enabled, 3DS, Dreamcast, GameCube and N64 will be rendered as closely as possible to 1080p!

Oh in case you didn't know, Highscore is the new identity of GNOME Games. 😁

@Saroufim We wanted to change the focus of the application to drop what didn't work and focus on what did. While GNOME Games tried to support all gaming platforms, Highscore explicitely supports only consoles and (one day we hope) arcade emulators.

The new name helps giving the application a more unique and recognizable identity to match the focus change.

@KekunPlazas @Saroufim supporting arcades is going to be a huge task, but if this already supports the Neo Geo, in one way or another you're compensating.

@lorabe @Saroufim Believe me I know it's a huge task. x)

The thing is with MAME you have tons of versions to choose from, it's really a mess. But I managed to get some Neo-Geo and Naomi games to run some times ago… but it's really a lot of work to get them working.

@KekunPlazas @Saroufim Same thing goes for the MiSTer community, they have already all the consoles adapted to the FPGA, but then you have dozens and dozens of arcade boards and some of them are either expensive or scarce or both.

It's very exciting but tiresome as well.

@KekunPlazas Seems really really weird to peg it to a random resolution
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