GNOME Games 40 is available on Flathub, with added support for Mega Drive, Dreamcast, GameCube and Nintendo 3DS!

Excellent work from @exalm and you on this release, @KekunPlazas 🎉

@KekunPlazas thank you! Very nice to have these systems supported.

@aurnytorink @KekunPlazas Just in time for Eastern Holidays! Thanks for your work!

@exalm @jgarciao @aurnytorink Well, true, we sort of both worked on all of them, either on game detection, icon extraction, core support, or simply code reviews.

@aurnytorink Alexander looked into that recently and struggled, and he's way better at thos than I am. 😅 External help is welcome. 🙂

@aurnytorink @KekunPlazas support in what sense? Running Vulkan cores - I tried but Vulkan is so complex and libretro docs so scarce I gave up :(, and drawing any cores using Vulkan instead of GL - in GTK3 never, in GTK4 - maybe in far future, but unlikely. You won't win much here as it's not a bottleneck, and it makes it significantly harder to maintain - you still need a GL display too, and also 2 sets of shaders etc.

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