retro-gtk 1.0.0 released! 🎉

This major API cleanup of the @Libretro frontend library that powers @GNOME Games now runs cores isolated in a subprocess, supports cores rendering with OpenGL, improves its timing accuracy, and resamples its audio.



@KekunPlazas nice, but i have a question

How's the Raspberry pi 4 or ARM support?

I tried to run games on the Raspberry Pi using Ubuntu 20.04 64 bits, but every time i wanted to run a SNES ROM the application would crash.

Any thoughts?


@lorabe I noticed the issue with previous versions on my Librem 5 but I never yook the time to investigate, I assume it affects many ARM hardware.

@KekunPlazas Thanks for the answer.

Games is my favorite emulator, i hope it will work on ARM in the future.

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