GNOME Usage 3.37.1 released

- the window is now adaptive and works on phones
- better detect application IDs via desktop entries
- better group processes per application via cgroups

@KekunPlazas Great work, it looks like a very nice application :)

@carl Haha thanks, it indeed looks really nice, but I have (next to) nothing to do with how good it looks as I took over maintainership only 6 weeks ago. 😛

@lapor I litteraly just started the app before taking that screenshot, it was working hard to both fetch new emails and display the old ones, Geary is fine. 😛

@KekunPlazas hehe, I know. I use is daily aswell. Great work, bytheway


Aw, the gnome-nightly flatpak is screwed, time to report.

@lionirdeadman Usage can only see the processes wich are sandboxed with it, it likely needs a portal to access info from tge outside but I have no idea how to do so.

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