That's forgetting cost for the greater hardware security, e.g. the security gained by having the telephony chip separate from the SOC so it can't access your CPU's RAM, and the high cost of tbe software development to improve the kernel, the drivers, the toolkits, the apps, etc. that will benefit everybody. If you prefer to not help developing the software ecosystem financialy it's fine, you have another option, but why insulting us for working on that?
@purism @matrix @bart @PINE64

@KekunPlazas Do note that on the PinePhone the modem is also separated from the SoC with no access to the CPU's RAM. For everything else you mentioned, everbody has it's opinions. But it's never a reason to insult anybody for it, I'm personally happy with all efforts even if I personally gain nothing from e.g. the Librem 5.

@bart @KekunPlazas doesn’t PostmarketOS sport a port of Phosh :) ?

Or maybe you mean you’re more into Plasma Mobile?

Anyway I’m glad Purism pays developers to work on GNOME Mobile, and I’m glad the KDE and PostmarketOS communities are so active!

@thibaultamartin @KekunPlazas *postmarketOS, only the OS bit is capitalized 😉

We do indeed support Phosh as well, although personally I do indeed prefer Plasma Mobile. But let's not go into my opinions of that whole affair here, it isn't relevant. The point is that the Librem 5 effort shouldn't be insulted, as it's still advancing Linux on Mobile, no matter what you think of it.


@bart @thibaultamartin Yeah, what matters is that we can have viable alternatives to the mass surveillance duopoly that is Android and iOS On nowaday's leading computing devices: phones. 😊 Also, it's nice it's with some proper Linux to appeal to our geeky nerdy side.

@KekunPlazas @bart @thibaultamartin I've been thinking of making a libre PDA for myself so that I don't have to use my phone so much. It'd help me escape all the surveillance garbage but there aren't any libre SBC's.

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