@fosdem 2019 at the @gnome booth was great, I've been able to play with the @Purism devkit there!

Thanks @tbernard for the photo.

There is still a lot of work, but we are nonetheless progressing damn fast!

@KekunPlazas @fosdem @gnome @Purism @tbernard wait is that a working display? :o
I can literally not be more excited :(

Yeah, the sceens can have both a software fix which doesn't work yet or a firmware fix, we had the machine to flash the screen's firmware at FOSDEM and a few boards received that fix. I didn't think about taking a video. 🤦‍♂️
@vancha @fosdem @gnome @Purism @tbernard

@KekunPlazas @fosdem @gnome @Purism @tbernard Holy crap! I was @fosdem, how come that I missed this??? How was your experience with that devkit? 😀

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