At the end of last year I received my Librem 5 devkit from @Purism, this week I'll play with it and toot about it. For the moment, here are photos of the devkit and what it came with, sizes are in centimeters and impressise because of perspective.

I read the paper that came with the devkit, it redirected me to the documentation:

I followed the steps of documentation and tried to connect to the board via USB or Ethernet. I couldn't connect to the shipped test firmware so, as suggested in the documentation, I upgraded the firmware, then I tried the USB connection again aaand… I'm in! 🙌

@KekunPlazas @Purism So jealous. Signed up for the waiting list. Have fun + looking forward to seeing what you make with it :)

@aral @Purism Thanks! In the worst case, developing for the is easy, just develop for @gnome and follow a few extra steps: Of course it's harder if you want to develop for the telephony hardware…

@KekunPlazas Heads up: link on for downloading the latest build image is wrong. Should be:

(Couldn’t find link to repository for docs from the docs themselves so posting it here instead of submitting a pull request.)

@KekunPlazas OK, no, sorry, maybe the link doesn’t work if there’s a build in process. There is a link to the build page on the page. A bit confusing.

@aral No problem, thanks for reporting it, I'll forward the comment to whoever understand how this works internally (hence, not me). 😁

Wow, icons on the lock screen! Last time I tested it there was none! Phosh is progressing and it's really nice to see. 😁

@KekunPlazas @Purism

I'd love to hear more about it :) Purism Libre 5 sounds like a really interesting option, but I chose to wait with buying until I can see the first review.

What are the parameters of the screen?

@alxd @Purism IIRC the devkit has a 720×1440 5.7" IPS display, we unfortunately can't use the same displqy for the phone but we want something as close to these specs as possible.

@KekunPlazas @Purism not announcing that four months before the release date makes me worry for the project. Even if it may be fit for enthusiasts and developers, it does little to attract users or even convince them it's not a kickstarter-y scam.

@KekunPlazas @Purism that-s I'm really looking forward this project.
Is there any possibility to sign up to get one of those?

@selea @txusinho
AFAIK it's too late to order a devkit (obviously you can still order the phone), but don't hesitate to contact @Purism to know is there is a waiting list!


Personally, I dont need the devkit because I am not a dev, so it is better that people who can contribute in that way get one instead of me :P

But I still have'nt gotten an answer from @Purism regarding other questions 😢


@selea @Purism @txusinho What are these questions and where did you ask them? 🙂


I want to contribute by mirroring PureOS, so purism can save some $ on bandwith.

@Purism @txusinho

@selea @Purism @txusinho Apparently we prefer to have reproducible builds so we can ensure mirrors are distributing legit packages. 🙂

@KekunPlazas @txusinho @Purism @selea

so when will purism start using nix or guix? debian packaging is quite obsolete at this point

@xj9 @txusinho @Purism @selea No idea, ultimately I'm a GNOME person, not a PureOS one so that's way beyond all I know. 😕

Well, that is why you signs packages with a public gpg key right?

@Purism @txusinho

@selea @KekunPlazas @Purism @txusinho Yes, it is why we (and Debian of course) sign the packages with a key. We think Reproducible Builds will help the entire ecosystem even more in ensuring integrity of package contents. If you're interested in helping we'd love to talk more! You can contact me directly if you like;

@KekunPlazas tag me if it sucks ass. I will assume it's great if you dont :aye:
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