Want to make apps for the @Purism ? We published a simple roadmap for the libhandy GTK+ phone widgets library, so you can get a grasp of our release cadence:

@KekunPlazas @Purism anyone interested in Tor Browser, Signal (or compatible clone), or Guardian Project apps on the phone, please feel free to talk to me directly (here or

@diggity @KekunPlazas @Purism I haven't purchased a librem phone, but please make those apps possible on librem phones for those that own one.

@diggity @KekunPlazas @Purism what about implementing @silence E2E Encryption for SMS in your messaging client? 🤩

@diggity @KekunPlazas @Purism I am very interested too...please make them happen...I am planning to buy your phone next are wonderful people making this project...I hope more people will get smarter and buy librem instead of iphone

@diggity @KekunPlazas @Purism The problem I have with Signal is that as soon as Microsoft started talking about using Signal to improve Skype, Facebook gives them $50M dollars. Telegram is allowed in countries that WhatsApp isn't and vise versa. However, though some reason people find it a problem, I would still argue that a Tox client is the better option. Encrypted p2p text, talk, video, and file sharing with no signup or phone numbers. Anything else is just Electron or ChromeApps 👎.

@diggity @KekunPlazas @Purism Truth be told though, I would be happy as hell just being able to type "call #-###-###-####" or "text [nick] 'Hello'" in a terminal and work.

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