#Ubuntu 20.10 hits End of Life on July 22 2021.

Be sure to upgrade. #Linux

Boost to remind people.

In the last month "Android vitals" show that Delta Chat is pretty reliable and stable but we continue to work on improving reliability and speed :)

Une nouvelle bande annonce de la suite de Breath of the Wild a été montré. Toujours pas de titre, mais le jeu est prévu pour 2022 !

#NintendoDirect #Nintendo #E3NLS #E32021

RT from Luke (@Imnotreallyluke)

Watching #LOTR via micro ssd on my #pinebookpro running cool and silent in my lap. Notice the estimated battery time. Wifi off, 50% screen brightness. Disregard the orange hues as they are reflections of lights behind me. @ManjaroLinuxARM @thepine64

Original tweet : twitter.com/Imnotreallyluke/st

#ArchLinuxARM for @PINE64 #PinePhone / #PineTab (2021/06/13) has released.

Release Notes + Download: github.com/dreemurrs-embedded/

For existing users, you can get the latest version by simply running `pacman -Syu`.

This is also the first release to include #PlasmaMobile.

Wiki is back up now, freshly upgraded to the latest MediaWiki LTS. We've also done a number of mobile styling and extension improvements!


I'm looking for a static site generator that can build a website that contains no JavaScript. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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