Image quality improvements for the #pinephone rear camera. This is getting somewhere :)

Rewrote most of teleport and made the UI more modern and rounded ;)

It still needs some error handling before the release.

Linux Action News covers GNOME’s 3.38 Orbis release, the upcoming versioning change, and the Extensions Rebooted initiative in their latest episode!

Listen here:

#FOSS #OpenSource #Linux

New installs will have gnome-weather preinstalled on their @mobian #pinephone , existing installs will have to install it manually. Enjoy! Credits go to @awai for making it (kind-of) mobile capable.

“Mozilla Services” refond le back-end de Sync, le service de synchronisation des données personnelles entre les Firefox, en Rust pour le rendre plus fiable et en faire désormais aussi un service de sauvegarde, par de

Nintendo 64 games support, collections and improved performance - Alexander, @exalm, and this year’s GSoC students have been working hard on Games!

Check out the release details:

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the few people who donated / pledged to @gamingonlinux over the last day. That's been a huge help and really made me personally feel way better.

Better privacy, fine-grained media permissions, improved UI: GNOME Web has a lot to offer with this release! Check out Michael Catanzaro’s blog post for the full details #Linux #opensource #GNOME

We are ecclectic at grabbing the best things in town: @martijnbraam's megapixel camera app is now available (and the default camera for new installs).
Also, if an upgrade fails due to a gnome-camera [pinhole] dependency: you need to get rid of python3-yoyo-migrations which is superseded by Debian's python3-yoyo package.

🥌🥌 Geary 3.38 is out! 🥌🥌

This new feature release rolls up six months of new features, bug fixes, server compatibility improvements, and translations in over 20 languages for both the interface and the online help manual, all contributed by the community.

Major new features include support for plugins, including several plugins out of the box, cleaning up messages older than the account download preference, and more.

See the full details here:


#Geary #GNOME

From the welcome tour to application icons, you can read more details about all the updates GNOME 3.38 brings in our news highlight and release notes!

#FOSS #GNOME #OpenSource #Linux

We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 3.38 "Orbis"! After months of work from the GNOME Community, this release brings many new features and improvements. It also brings us a new release video!

Another exciting update coming with GNOME 3.38 are new designs for the screenshot and sound recorder applications. Spoiler: they look great!

#Linux #opensource

GNOME 3.38 launches soon! Along with many other features and improvements, this release will bring a new welcome tour on first run and we've got a sneak peek for you.

#Linux #OpenSource

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