Whether you want to #stream live from your android smartphone or add chat to #live streams on your instance, the #PeerTube community is here for you!

Here is a focus on two external developments that we have guided and supported.

➡️ joinpeertube.org/news#live-plu

@peertube Oh no! More things to contribute too! 😱😰

Joke aside, good job to everybody involved there. I'm excited to try out the live chat.

@John_Livingston Does it support plugin-induced customization ? I'd love to add some features to it with my (currently WIP) videogame-data-hub plugin when both are installed on the server.

@Poslovitch Can you please open an issue to propose the new feature here: github.com/JohnXLivingston/pee
And please describe what you have in mind.

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