As more interest builds up surrounding the NASA/SpaceX launch of people to the International Space Station (ISS) in May, the inevitable (and purely avoidable) references to

Symbolically, the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch is a good thing for the United States--after almost nine years, the U.S. will finally be able to send:

The broadband service provided by Starlink satellites has been touted as being for commercial purposes. OneWeb also advertised its satellites for commercial service to the world. The two companies accounted for a major share of deployments so far:

Amazing XKCD summary of how industry forecasting works 😁 :

A long time ago, I managed to acquire what I thought was an interesting map. It was rather large--about the size of a 4X8 wall panel--and when laid out, it had a map of East and:

United Launch Alliance (ULA) proferred an opinion about rocket reusability in Aviation Week this week--one that sounds familiar if you’ve ever paid attention to Arianespace's...:

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