Lately I’ve been trying to actively sleep more, because sleep is important, among many other things, for proper muscle building (weight lifting is apparently my new restrained interest.)

So I’m getting about one hour more sleep per night. Guess what’s coming back? Dreams. At this point I had almost forgotten about them. It was a thing of the past, a lost treasure of youth.

That late hour spent browsing random crap on the web? Spend it sleeping. It’s worth way more than what you imagine.


@ice I remember (some of) my dreams almost eveynight, it’s always a positive feeling. I’ve trained myself since teenage to "dream well". Positive thought before sleeping, forcing a memory etc, and i can influence my dreams, or let them go wild. Love it.

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@Jeux1d100 I used to do this too, but I forgot it at some point, not sure how or why. That's a great opportunity to start again, thanks for reminding me this!

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