No context sudden need to make a tiny game with jumping voxels and desaturated colors. I've no idea what it's about, except I named all assets in #TokiPona, and my mood was involving some kind of lazy melancholia.

I guess it could become a random walk in a quiet forest, with occasional dialogues and chill beats in the background.


Seems like I'm making a custom pixel font for this game. The good thing is #TokiPona uses only 14 letters and capitalizes only names, so it's way faster and easier compared to regular fonts.

I'm trying to give it some kind of natural, script vibe. A bit cryptic, maybe somewhat Elvish. I could have used sitelen pona glyphs, but it would be way too much work for now. I want to have fun making this.



@ice Oddly easy enough to read. Little dots and creativity can do marvel ! If you do a full (french) alphabet i’d love to have the font.

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@Jeux1d100 Turns out it's not so readable in the game, so I'm currently experimenting with a bolder version. Not sure how far I'll push the experiment, but yeah, I'll probably release the font at some point.

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