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[ ] ... The best to listen to when you just found out that you are a "covid contact case". - 2014 - "" - New Space Music

A perfect stress reliever!

Thx to him !

[ ] ... M-Kay!

After 2 years of writing my Masters , I discover the power of about .

There is even the export format "Cahiers d'Ethnomusicologie" in French. Aka !

Thx !!!

[ ] setup experimentation with on Live10

=> 64 channels PER track !

I dream about natively on , cause we are on 2021, right ?



The Assignment: Record a time capsule for yourself in the future. That's this week's composition prompt in the Disquiet Junto music community. Join in! Tracks due March 22 by 11:59pm (your local time). Details:



Mills College, which gave a professional and creative home to Pauline Oliveros, Robert Ashley, and more with its Center for Contemporary Music, has announced an end to its degree programs



We made a few edits to Dune: The Lady of Caladan, + right now it’s around 164,500 words. Our editor likes this novel so much that he said to us about it, “You guys knocked it out of the park!” and I could not be more pleased. Publication date is this fall. Cover art soon.



Next Monday: a new plugin with Inspired by a unique tool created at the Radiophonic Workshop, this will make your signals frolic like birds on fermented cherries.


[ ] My rack; half of it doesn't work anymore, but as soon as it's fixed, I start producing like crazy...^^

DHM 89 B2
Filterbank 1 770 (not on picture)
C88 (not on picture)


Holy shit this microtonal marimba music is beautiful wow. ALL THE NOTES

Echo in aetheria, for microtonal glass marimba via


[ ] with Glyn Johns mono sound-recording method, Siemens SM3 mic's, Klein & Hummel UE 100 tube-based equalize Console etc.

Thx !

[ ] Bravo et courage aux collègues et .e.s qui occupent ces lieux.

Seule manière de faire entendre notre colère et montrer notre détermination face aux incompétents qui nous gouvernent!

Que la RéOuvre!

[ ] aka & about creativity on - who's not a cheap ...;-)

From note to beat
Put to loop fonction

Etc. Etc ...;-)

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