@funkwhale Do you think to add something like : a playlist where people can had several music, and it plays one of each people.

player (dj) A, B and C

A, B and C got each a lsit of song to play.
the player play A, then B, then C song, then restart to A... (so it will be song A 1, song B 1, song C1, song A 2, song B 2....

Would be very nice to ahe it at office ;)

@Grummfy this is something that could be easily implemented using radios: you could create a radio pointing to a bunch of playlist, and the radio would only pick tracks from those playlists.

There is nothing implemented about the picking order (playlist A then B then C then A) though.

@funkwhale order is not that important, the importance is that we take one of each

@Grummfy this is something that's worth looking into, do you mind opening an issue on and describe the use case (or link to this thread)? Otherwise I can do it myself :)

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