Open source and cloud based procurement services for France’s municipalities

French working group Mimo withdrawn from the LibreOffice community,
reports Cyrille Chausson for OSOR | OSOR

Development of Open-eObs, a bedside observation software solution to
improve hospital care, confirms the value of open source software,
says UK NHS Foundation Trust. | OSOR

Vilnius: “Open source improves our public services”

Capital uses Linux, Nginx, WordPress, MySQL, LibreOffice ... | OSOR

Italy’s Team Digitale urges use of technological principles in ICT procurement | OSOR

European cities reuse Madrid’s open source citizen participation solution | OSOR

Finland’s open code repository now includes municipalities

Municipalities in Finland should now find it easier to discover reusable, open source ICT solutions. A list of available solutions is available on the Avoinkoodi (“Open Code”) portal, managed by COSS, the country’s open source resource centre. To promote sharing and reuse of open source solutions, the centre is working with Kuntaliitto, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. | OSOR

Poznań county looking for open source services

Poznań county in Poland is looking for short-term help with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux and other IT solutions. Last week, the district administration published a request for tender, asking for specialists who can work at the agency for about two months.

Swiss city of Bern publishes its first open source project

The capital of Switzerland, Bern, has published its first open source solution. The software, Ki-Tax, is used by the city to manage external childcare subsidies. In addition, the city is introducing open source to all of its schools. | OSOR


Hello! first, thank for mastodon.el.

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OpenStack powers private cloud for Denmark’s state public services | OSOR

Cheaper and more secure

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