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"The IEO found that IMF officials and economists violated the rules of their own organisation, hid documents, presumably to hide their chicanery and generally displayed a high level of incompetence including failing to under the implications of a common currency – pretty basic errors, in other words."

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"Based on the false estimates the IMF claimed that the contraction would be 3 per cent in 2011 and by 2012, Greece would grow by 1 per cent. The reality is that it contracted by 7 per cent in 2011 and a further 6 per cent in 2012. Millions of people were made unemployed by these sort of mistakes. No IMF official or economist was imprisoned for professional incompetence and malpractice."

"That handout demonstrates, again, the madness of neo-liberalism.

It is not about improving the lives of citizens – what they can watch, at what price and when. It is about helping a poorly-performing private company in service terms, which has been very profitable because of a monopoly, resist competition because it is owned by a loudmouth who likes to influence political outcomes via his vast media network."

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Some more Bill Mitchell / Modern monetary theory goodness:

"An ideal case study to understand how the neo-liberal ideology stifles national interest and innovation"

"Government spending is intrinsically only constrained by real resource constraints. There are never any intrinsic financial constraints on a currency-issuing government although the political debates always focus on these aspects."

1. ‘government will run out of money’: myth.

2. ‘government deficits will leave a burden for the kids and the grandkids’: myth.

3. ‘the nation will go broke’: myth.

4. ‘the profligate state then turns on its people’: myth and as in ‘socialism, becomes oppressive’: myth.

5. ‘healthcare and pensions are unaffordable’: myth.

On vous laisse passer l'été avec un bel article consistant sur les éléments répétés du humain, à base de écrit par @G_Devailly

"The “benefits of the eurozone”. That is the joke of the decade."

"The performance of the Eurozone is pathetic in terms of growth, unemployment, convergence of living standards to the highest and more."

The new astrology:
By fetishising mathematical models, economists turned economics into a highly paid pseudoscience

"Germany receives 1.34 billion euros a year in profits from funds loaned to the Greek government under the various bailouts."

Rene M. Raupp: Does anybody know any work comparing R with other (charged) statistical software (like Minitab, SPSS, SAS)? [...] I have to show it's as good as the others.
Kjetil Brinchmann Halvorsen: Sorry. That will be difficult. Couldn't it do to prove it is better?
-- Rene M. Raupp and Kjetil Brinchmann Halvorsen
R-help (May 2005)

"À quoi bon parler de dépenses quand on n’a pas parlé des objectifs ni la stratégie pour les atteindre ! Quel est le niveau de dépenses nécessaires ? Celui qui permet de financer les objectifs que l’on se donne ! Quels sont ses objectifs ? Voilà ce qu’on a du mal à savoir en écoutant et en regardant se comporter le président Macron."

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"On finit par nager en pleine langue orwellienne. Les mots désignent le contraire de ce qu’ils nomment. « Sécuriser l’emploi » c’est faciliter le licenciement, « renforcer le rôle des branches » c’est accepter chaque entreprise puisse pourtant y déroger et ainsi de suite."

As long as R stayed in Ross and Robert's computer lab, R could be perfectly clean and beautiful. [...]
The moral of the story is that if you want to create a beautiful language, for god's sake don't make it useful.
-- Patrick Burns (Inferno-ish R)
CambR User Group Meeting, Cambridge (May 2012)

"Les intenables promesses de la démocratie"
Bonne conférence de Frédéric Lordon

"La pierre philosophale qui autorise la transmutation de la subordination hiérarchique en égalité démocratique n’existe pas."

Some of us feel that type III sum of squares and so-called ls-means are statistical nonsense which should have been left in SAS.
-- Brian D. Ripley
s-news (May 1999)

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