Qu'on ne me dissent plus que la science n'est pas politique.

(Oui je considère le syndicalisme comme une activité politique qu'est-ce que tu vas faire !)

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Le Saviez Vous ?
D'après mon super script #Rstats, il y a plus de 8 millions de fois la #CGT dans le génome humain. #SyndiquezVous

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Well, if I had written that, it would have been on purpose ...
-- Kurt Hornik (after Torsten Hothorn reported the 'typo' automa*g*ically in ?NotYetImplemented)
R-devel (January 2005)

"Sandrine, vous parliez de la virer ?"
"On va la remplacer la semaine prochaine par une machine. Il y aura moins de boutons ! Hahaha !"



I used a heuristic... pulled from my posterior. That makes it Bayesian, right?
-- JD Long (in a not too serious chat about modeling strategies)
Stackoverflow (November 2010)

We can have nice things!


A website dedicated to explaining and promoting awareness of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

"Suppose the government spends $100 into the economy but collects just $90 in taxes, leaving behind an extra $10 for someone to hold. That extra $10 gets recorded as a surplus on someone else’s books. That means that the government’s -$10 is always matched by +$10 in some other part of the economy."

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How We Think About the Deficit Is Mostly Wrong

"Government spending adds new money to the economy, and taxes take some of that money out again. It’s a constant churning of pluses and minuses, and their minuses become our pluses."


"There is enough to meet everyone’s need, even in a world of 10 billion people. There is not enough to meet everyone’s greed, even in a world of 2 billion people."


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Non, ne fonce pas vers l'au delà stp.
Tu y arriveras un jour, pas la peine de te presser.

The Fatberg Cometh

"On July 22, 2013, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to her first child, Prince George. Two weeks later, an enormous “fatberg” was discovered in the sewers under London."


"On September 8, 2014, Catherine announced that she was pregnant with her second child, the future Princess Charlotte. Seven days earlier, photographs of another London fatberg had been released."

R may be the wrong tool for the job, but it's the wrong job.
-- Rolf Turner (about solving 100th degree polynomials)
R-help (May 2008)

Quite surprised by the number of economists believing that GDP can increase forever (growth) but public debt can't.

The trouble with nonstandard evaluation is that it doesn't follow standard evaluation rules...
-- Peter Dalgaard (about nonstandard evaluation in the curve() function)
R-help (June 2011)

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