Just published "The Corona Conspiracy", an animated short film about poo and "libtards"

We just published a new game, made in six days for the Weekly Game Jam 138.

Slaughter Heist is a visual novel filled with puzzles about a hacker trying to save her cow friend from slaughter.

Download at: cybergnose-cafe.itch.io/slaugh

The game was made by Lucas Vially and Vincent Vially. Péter György Szabó composed some great musical pieces for the game, and many others participated.
You can find the full credits for the game here: cybergnose.cafe/artl-credits.h

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A Ride To Love is out!
Download our Death Grips visual novel for free on PC, Mac, Linux or Android here: cybergnose-cafe.itch.io/artl

Yo what's up let's a have lol
Reply with your Bob (that guy) art and we'll pick a winner and send them uuuuh, signed Bob art and a chocolate bar.

Also Bob is from our Citizen Witch, playable here cybergnose-cafe.itch.io/citize

We just updated Gathering of Delightful Chests, our about impostor syndrome.
It takes around 5 minutes to play , try it!


Just published RoboCreator, a short cyberpunk interactive story by Michael Hill and @Spica !
Playable on your browser, on your PC or mobile:

New short game (or interactive narrative call it what you want) next week hopefully. Maybe

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